The shahada

“I’m ready,” I said standing at the cellphone kiosk in the mall.

It had been a season of discovery as I explored yet another religion. Always searching but not finding the right fit. 

In a twist of fate both my foster brother and my cousin began looking at Islam st the  same time.  We compared notes, shared experiences and debated findings.

My brother became Muslim first, saying his hahaha at a mosque potluck.  He shared stories of all the hugs and warm welcoming he recieved.  He always craved attention. 

My cousin chose Islam next, his deceleration of faith more formal. He has Aspergers so the imam and a few doctors in the community sat and discussed faith with him to make sure he truly understood the decision abd was making it of his own accord with sound mind. He has flourished and thrived on all levels since becoming Muslim. 

My journey of spirituality had always been a private one. I didn’t want a grand public deceleration of my faith.  I did not crave congratulations for finding “the rightful guidance”. This matter was between me and my God.

I met my cousin and foster brother at the mall. I was in a rush.  It was my first day of community college and for some reason I wanted to start this next phase with this phrase. Standing by the cellphone kiosk with my brother and cousin as witnesses I said 

“lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muḥammadur-rasūlu-llāh – I bare witness there is no god but God and Muhammad is hus messenger.”

Then I left. Off to start my new journey. 


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